February 10, 2011


Well what else could be better to do in this continuously wonderful weather, but to start exercising…?

Even if it is just a long walk, everyone should go outside and enjoy all of this vitamin D shining down on us!

For those of you who have been wanting to start running, I have found a great little program for you: 8 Week Half-Marathon Plan. It really makes it look very do-able to run half a marathon, don’t you think? I think this Spring might be the time to do this in, whataboutyou?




February 8, 2011


Today I stumbled across this web shop, Changemaker.

The shop has lovely things, such a jewelry, interior design articles, clothes, electronics etc. – and maybe the best of all – it’s all fair trade! “Every item in the shop tells its own story” the webpage tells me, and every item is marked with one of the following signs: organic, hand made, fair&social, eco-friendly, energy efficient, recycling, and Swiss-made.

Composed of more than 75 fair trade brands, this shop is really one of a kind in Switzerland. Apart from the web shop that they have, there are also two physical shops one can venture in to, one in Zürich (Marktgasse 10 in the Niederdorf), and one in Bern (Spitalgasse 38).

As the slogan says – “You are what you do”… Do something nice for a lot of people and buy something fair trade today! 🙂



February 7, 2011


The lovely, wonderfully warm weather seems to want to stick with us for a while – thank God for that!

Enjoy the Sun!

Image from this place.

I personally think that the sun is gracing us with its presence due to the birth of little baby Sophia Ann over in Chicago. I will forever associate you with the first really sunny weekend of 2011. Welcome to the World!

Go outside if you can today, enjoy the sun shine, feel it’s rays on your winter pale skin!



Happy Saturday!

February 5, 2011


Oh gosh, the weather is SO LOVELY today!!

Will take a long walk with the man and the dog in town today.

Let me know what you get up to on a fine day like today!


Ultimate Vday gift

February 3, 2011


Yes, yes, I know, boring to read about the same s**t over and over again, but I truly think this is a genious idea for Valentine’s Day!

“Tag Your Moët Rosé” is delivered in a giftset containing two champagne flutes, one pen, and, naturally a bottle of Moët & Chandon’s finest champagne. The pen is provided so that you can write your own message on (not in…) the bottle.

Available at places like Globus Delikatessen etc.

What a fabulous alternative to a boring old Vday card!!


A few more ideas…

February 3, 2011

…on what to do for Valentine’s Day…



– Get out of bed early and make your Valentine breakfast in bed

– Send him/her a gift to their office, preferably with a little love poem

– Kidnap your honey at work, and arrange a lovely lunch for the two of you

– Write him/her a poem, or copy an existing one that you think explains your feelings

– Hey, why not propose to your darling…?


Nice things to do:

– Wash his/her car. If you are feeling ambitious, why not use the car wax as well?

– Make them a special chocolate cake

– Make a romantic setting at home, candles, music – the works. Dance together.

– Make a DIY SPA and have your partner feel super relaxed after a facial, foot rub and massage.



– Go go carting (there’s a place in Rümlang for that), body flying, horse riding, road tripping, biking, hiking, helicopter flying – sky’s the limit!

– Weekend trip to Paris or Rome, just the two of you.

– Prepare a picnic basket and go for a walk in the woods together. Make sure to have some favorite foods and drinks in that basket!


Classic gestures:

– Surprise them with flowers or a (small) gift (see my previous post regarding that!)

– A home cooked meal. Don’t forget the candles!

– Go to the cinema, but leave the choice of movie to your honey. Donät complain, and don’t fall asleep during the movie, whatever it may be!



– Call your partner at work and sing “I just called to say I love you”

– Pul out the heart decoration while they’re at work, and decorate your place with lots of hearts.

– Write them a funny love-rhyme.


These of course work for both women and men, so get creativ and really surprise your other half this Valentine’s!

(source: Towa)


Speaking of…

February 1, 2011

…Valentine’s Day, check out this wonderful Vday card that I found on the equally as wonderful Blog of Domestic Sluttery:

Dr Seuss - lovely quote!

Spread the love this February!


Valentine’s Day

January 31, 2011


Orkut Kommentare - Hearts

(Image from

Soon, very soon, love will be in the air again, just like every year come mid-February. To those of you who are as clueless as I am every Valentine’s of what to get that certain someone (or certain someones, no judgement!), here are a few tips:

Geschenkidee – order online, can’t get any easier. Some cute things!

Lush – the organic soap (etc) store that you can smell from miles away have compiled some special Valentine’s Day gift sets. Perfect if your Valentine enjoys a little DIY pampering!

Townhouse – not so much lovey-dovey stuff, but check out this necklace for example, it’s so pretty that any woman will melt like butter…

Victoria’s Secret – if you happen to go to the States before Valentine’s Day, you could always pick something up form this store…. Or organise it with a friend with an US postal address. Other alternatives are of course Agent Provocateur etc, which can, for example be found at Jelmoli on Bahnhofstrasse – their underwear section is truly a gem! Sexy.-time? Well, yes, but, pretty please, do make sure you get her sizes right!

Tiffany’s – the classic also has something specific in mind for Valentine’s. ‘Nuff said.

Swarovski – slightly more affordable than the one above, but they have also compiled a list of special Valentine’s choices…

Komplementair at the Viadukt – wonderful little accessories shop with brands such as Liebeskind Berlin etc. Best part: not only for women, they also have guys accessories!

If you are a bigger fan of pampering presents, might I suggest the following links to you? Whether a full body massage or a quick manicure, being pampered is a thing that many, many people like.

Beautyssima – centrally located at Rennweg. They are lovely!

LABO Spa – also central, located at Talacker (net to Paddy Reilly’s pub, if anyone happens to know that…)

Asia Spa – at Sihl City. Wonderful treatments and excellent staff!

Hope you can get some inspiration from these ideas. Don’t forget to thank me later! 😉


Fernweh 2

January 27, 2011

Guete Morgä!

Speaking of my post from yesterday, the wonderful American Airlines also have a sale – for those of you who are more interested in State-bound trips.

NYC (Image from

Click HERE to get to great offers, such as ZRH – NYC 594CHF, ZRH – CHICAGO 639CHF.

Book by 7th February!

Bon Voyage!



January 26, 2011


Fernweh is a German word for wanting to get away, or having “itchy feet”. Much alike being homesick when traveling too far out of your comfort zone – but the other way around!

The wonderful airline of SWISS (according to me, the absolute best airline in Europe) has a sale on right now! For those of you who know what I’m talking about when I humbly try to explain how much I need to get away and see something else once in a while, this is your chance.

Fly through the sky - Image form

With prices ranging from 159CHF (Manchester, Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Belgrad) to 340CHF (Las Palmas), it is quite reasonable when traveling from Zürich. Of course, you have to be a little flexible in terms of dates and times, but they do say that flight prices are the cheapest around mid week…

So go ahead and book HERE!!

(and don’t forget to tell me where you’re going once you’re done! 🙂  )