Thank God for that sunshine we have today! I must admit I was going a bit nuts in the gray…

Thursday (already?) and yet another lovely WEEKEND is upon us!! Plans for me are as follows: WONDERFUL appointment with the person that makes you feel the best you will ever feel (in public anyway 😉 ) tomorrow. Saturday eve, a concert with Groovinspirits at Liberty Bar in Wipkingen (check them out, really not bad at all!! Will I see you there?) Sunday brunch with some great people. The list goes on!

Is it the weekend yet...?

What are your plans for this weekend?

And remember, life is a never ending lesson…




…but mine has nothing to do with love and/or relationships. Apart from that with myself. Maybe.



February 16, 2011


Valentine’s Day was great, long stem red roses and a yummy dinner at a great restaurant.

Valentine's day Surprise...

….plus heart-decorated Luxemburgerli from Sprüngli…


Big Vday!

February 14, 2011


Happy, Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!!


Hope you all get properly spoiled today – a little spoiling goes a long way!



February 11, 2011


Just want to wish you all a GREAT WEEKEND!! Hope you get up to something fun (please feel free to share with me!)!!

And, most importantly…. TGIF!


Happy Saturday!

February 5, 2011


Oh gosh, the weather is SO LOVELY today!!

Will take a long walk with the man and the dog in town today.

Let me know what you get up to on a fine day like today!


A few more ideas…

February 3, 2011

…on what to do for Valentine’s Day…



– Get out of bed early and make your Valentine breakfast in bed

– Send him/her a gift to their office, preferably with a little love poem

– Kidnap your honey at work, and arrange a lovely lunch for the two of you

– Write him/her a poem, or copy an existing one that you think explains your feelings

– Hey, why not propose to your darling…?


Nice things to do:

– Wash his/her car. If you are feeling ambitious, why not use the car wax as well?

– Make them a special chocolate cake

– Make a romantic setting at home, candles, music – the works. Dance together.

– Make a DIY SPA and have your partner feel super relaxed after a facial, foot rub and massage.



– Go go carting (there’s a place in Rümlang for that), body flying, horse riding, road tripping, biking, hiking, helicopter flying – sky’s the limit!

– Weekend trip to Paris or Rome, just the two of you.

– Prepare a picnic basket and go for a walk in the woods together. Make sure to have some favorite foods and drinks in that basket!


Classic gestures:

– Surprise them with flowers or a (small) gift (see my previous post regarding that!)

– A home cooked meal. Don’t forget the candles!

– Go to the cinema, but leave the choice of movie to your honey. Donät complain, and don’t fall asleep during the movie, whatever it may be!



– Call your partner at work and sing “I just called to say I love you”

– Pul out the heart decoration while they’re at work, and decorate your place with lots of hearts.

– Write them a funny love-rhyme.


These of course work for both women and men, so get creativ and really surprise your other half this Valentine’s!

(source: Towa)


Speaking of…

February 1, 2011

…Valentine’s Day, check out this wonderful Vday card that I found on the equally as wonderful Blog of Domestic Sluttery:

Dr Seuss - lovely quote!

Spread the love this February!



January 24, 2011


How’d we get here again – it’s once again Monday. As some of you might have figured out, I’m not the biggest fan of Mondays. Not at all.

But I am hoping today will be a better Monday than the last few ones that seem to have flown by…

Wish me luck!



January 20, 2011


One might wonder why in all the world it seems necessary to send more snow our way…? According to my latest observations, spring had already made an appearance, and I, for one, was very, very happy with that…

Oh well, nothing I can do anything about! I guess it’s back to “normal”(?) wintertime activities again; cheese fondue, hot chocolate, sledding, hot tea, shopping at shopping centers rather than in town (Glatt, which also has sales, of course), big poofy jackets, comfortable shoes (yay, a plus!), knitted sweaters and dreams of warmer places and traveling there.

What do you do to beat the winter blues?

Please, Spring, could you finally kick Winter’s a** and come stay with us, pretty please….?