A few more ideas…

February 3, 2011

…on what to do for Valentine’s Day…



– Get out of bed early and make your Valentine breakfast in bed

– Send him/her a gift to their office, preferably with a little love poem

– Kidnap your honey at work, and arrange a lovely lunch for the two of you

– Write him/her a poem, or copy an existing one that you think explains your feelings

– Hey, why not propose to your darling…?


Nice things to do:

– Wash his/her car. If you are feeling ambitious, why not use the car wax as well?

– Make them a special chocolate cake

– Make a romantic setting at home, candles, music – the works. Dance together.

– Make a DIY SPA and have your partner feel super relaxed after a facial, foot rub and massage.



– Go go carting (there’s a place in Rümlang for that), body flying, horse riding, road tripping, biking, hiking, helicopter flying – sky’s the limit!

– Weekend trip to Paris or Rome, just the two of you.

– Prepare a picnic basket and go for a walk in the woods together. Make sure to have some favorite foods and drinks in that basket!


Classic gestures:

– Surprise them with flowers or a (small) gift (see my previous post regarding that!)

– A home cooked meal. Don’t forget the candles!

– Go to the cinema, but leave the choice of movie to your honey. Donät complain, and don’t fall asleep during the movie, whatever it may be!



– Call your partner at work and sing “I just called to say I love you”

– Pul out the heart decoration while they’re at work, and decorate your place with lots of hearts.

– Write them a funny love-rhyme.


These of course work for both women and men, so get creativ and really surprise your other half this Valentine’s!

(source: Towa)



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