Valentine’s Day

January 31, 2011


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Soon, very soon, love will be in the air again, just like every year come mid-February. To those of you who are as clueless as I am every Valentine’s of what to get that certain someone (or certain someones, no judgement!), here are a few tips:

Geschenkidee – order online, can’t get any easier. Some cute things!

Lush – the organic soap (etc) store that you can smell from miles away have compiled some special Valentine’s Day gift sets. Perfect if your Valentine enjoys a little DIY pampering!

Townhouse – not so much lovey-dovey stuff, but check out this necklace for example, it’s so pretty that any woman will melt like butter…

Victoria’s Secret – if you happen to go to the States before Valentine’s Day, you could always pick something up form this store…. Or organise it with a friend with an US postal address. Other alternatives are of course Agent Provocateur etc, which can, for example be found at Jelmoli on Bahnhofstrasse – their underwear section is truly a gem! Sexy.-time? Well, yes, but, pretty please, do make sure you get her sizes right!

Tiffany’s – the classic also has something specific in mind for Valentine’s. ‘Nuff said.

Swarovski – slightly more affordable than the one above, but they have also compiled a list of special Valentine’s choices…

Komplementair at the Viadukt – wonderful little accessories shop with brands such as Liebeskind Berlin etc. Best part: not only for women, they also have guys accessories!

If you are a bigger fan of pampering presents, might I suggest the following links to you? Whether a full body massage or a quick manicure, being pampered is a thing that many, many people like.

Beautyssima – centrally located at Rennweg. They are lovely!

LABO Spa – also central, located at Talacker (net to Paddy Reilly’s pub, if anyone happens to know that…)

Asia Spa – at Sihl City. Wonderful treatments and excellent staff!

Hope you can get some inspiration from these ideas. Don’t forget to thank me later! 😉



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