Sweet Friday

January 21, 2011


Oh sweet, sweet Friday, how I have missed you…

Anyhow, as Friday’s are so incredibly sweet, why not get something to fit your sweet mood today? I hope noone has ignored the fact that the French macaroon company Laduree have a shop in our fair city as well?

Laduree's shop in Zürich (image from laduree.fr)

Located on Kuttelgasse 17, 8001 Zürich (right off Bahnhofstrasse), it is the ideal place to pick something up for the evening or weekend. Their selection is vast, with many wonderful flavors of macaroons, namely: Chocolate – Bitter Chocolate – Vanilla – Coffee – Rose – Pistachio – Raspberry – Blackcurrant Violet – Caramel with salted butter – Red Fruits – Orange Blossom – Liquorice – Lemon. These are only their standard selection – not including the seasons specials!

The staff is very helpful and have been known to help arranging special requests for special occasions as well.

I hope you all have a wonderfully sweet weekend – despite the snow…



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