December 31, 2010

Hi! The recently opened Vapiano
on Rämistrasse 8 (very close by Bellevue, Stadelhofen &
Niederdorf) is a concept new to the city centre of Zürich. There is
another branch at Sihlcity as well, which opened its doors for
business along with the shopping centre. The idea originally comes
from Germany, but before opening in Switzerland, countries such as
Sweden, Germany, Austria – in short most of Europe, have been
familiarized with the chain. The menu is italian – pasta, pizza,
salads, antipasti… What is so special with Vapiano then? It’s
fresh. The food is made right in front of your eyes, and you can
add or subtract much of what was meant to be in the dish according
to your own liking. The restaurant in itself is a very modern, yet
relaxed, space that is probably as far from it’s neighbor Kronenhalle as you
can possibly get. I tested Vapiano the other night and although I
have frequented some of their other restaurants, I was very happily
surprised that they had managed to do it again – make a simple
concept into something amazingly good!

I cna
only say – give it a try if you haven’t already done so! h


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